Leave the hard work to us, no more weighing, measuring or worrying about what to eat. We do all that for you, Each meal is individually tailored to the customers personal specification or set diet plans.

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How It Works!

With LD Nutrition meal prep is easy, meals are tailored directly to your needs whether that be muscle building, weight management or cross fit there's a meal for you. This is all done Without compromising on taste or value for money, its our mission to provide cost effective delicious meals.

Choose Your Meal

Simply choose your meal from the LD Nutrition range and select your required options.

Collect in Store

Come in store and collect your meals from our staff who are extremely friendly and happy to help.

Eat & Enjoy

Relax and enjoy your meal, with the peace of mind that you have a meal to support your health and fitness goals.

More Than Just Delicious!

High Quality Protein

Only the leanest and most nutritious proteins are used in our recipes.

Low Carb Options Available

Meal prep needs tight control to support your fitness goals. At LD Nutrition It's possible to customise your carbs to support likely energy expenditure and fitness activities.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

To make sure your meals tick all the right boxes on taste and freshness, we use local suppliers we know to be reliable on quality control.

Made To Fit Your Macros

The meals are prepared to suit specific needs. However, they are never short on taste, making it more likely that you will be able to stick to your nutrition plan.

Source of Healthy Fats

Meals will contain the essential fats your body needs. We use foods which provide monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados.

No Sugars or Preservatives,

We also make sure that only natural complements are included. Nothing fake, just real taste.

Most Popular Meals

Customer feedback is always listened to, and when we know something works particularly well we ensure it features high on our menus. Just one of the reasons customers keep coming back for more!

Not Sure What Meals Suit Your Goals?

Trying to lose weight? Want to get Bigger or just tone up? but you don't know what to eat to meet your goals sound familiar? Well let our experts do the hard work click the button below and answer some simple questions and our expert nutritionist will get in touch and work out a plan that meets your goals.....

Our amazing nutrition plans

LD Nutrition does the hard work and planning. We send you a full macro breakdown so, you can simply choose meals that fit those macros. The costs are deducted from the store credit you received with your plan.
  • LD Extreme Shred
  • Β£ 200.00*
    2 - 4 Weeks
    • *Prices From as little as Β£200.00
    • Written diet plan/macro breakdown
    • Store credit applied to your account
    • Delicious mouthwatering meals
  • Slimmers Package
  • Β£ 96.00*
    2 - 4 Week
    • *Prices From as little as Β£96.00
    • Choice of two or three meals per day
    • Store credit applied to your account
    • Delicious mouth watering meals
  • Gainz Package
  • Β£ 124.00
    2, Week
    • *Prices From as little as Β£124.00
    • Choice of two or three meals per day
    • Store credit applied to your account
    • Delicious mouth watering meals

Specials Menu

We know you are more likely to stick to your dietary plan if it’s delicious and interesting, as well as nutritious. So we offer weekly specials to satisfy your taste buds.


1st week on my weight loss journey I'm over the moon with my success so far. Food is lovely, no overeating option as it's ready and waiting when you need it, I would recommend to anyone looking for an easy way to diet. Can not wait to see the results over the next few weeks

Laura Carver


Just finished our first meal from LD Nutrition. The meatballs are delicious. We're looking forward to trying all the meals have to offer. The protein bars are spot on, as well. They​ are just perfect for hitting the sweet spot without simply putting empty calories in your belly.

Ilene Lee


Just finishing my 1st week on these meals, cannot recommend them too much. Ordered 7 mixed meals and every meal had been the right amount to fill you and gorgeous to eat. Highly recommend the meatballs !!! Definitely get your money's worth. Credit to the guys at LD Nutrition

Phil Hopkins