Leave the hard work to us, no more weighing, measuring or worrying about what to eat. We do all that for you, Each meal is individually tailored to the customers personal specification or set diet plans.

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About Us

Something About Us

Lee the managing director has been a chef for 16 years, he spent 6 years running the kitchen as head chef at a busy Italian upmarket restaurant. Lee also has a passion for bodybuilding and has a great knowledge of fitness and nutrition. He has always prepped his own meals, meals for friends and others were asking him to help with their competition diets too, this is when he had a lightbulb moment and decided it was time to put his passion to work and open a meal prep kitchen.

LD Nutrition opened in September 2016 and quickly grew from 600 meals in the first week to 2500 meals 12 week later. With more and more customers contacting LD Nutrition daily. LD Nutrition have gained contracts with Sports Clubs, Gyms and places of work. Due to popular demand the business has expanded and a second meal prep kitchen has been opened in Castleford. LD Nutrition are always looking to expand so if you think they could help you then why not get in touch?

Our Special Team

LD Nutrition is a flexible family firm and its success lies firmly with the insights and skills of its management and staff. We have excellent knowledge of food nutritional values and fitness. To the team at LD Nutrition, meal prep is not just a business. It's a personal mission to match health and fitness requirements to the best, freshest ingredients and most appealing recipes.

Lee Westerman

Head Chef/Director

Lee’s creative and well-informed dietary expertise comes from having been both a professional chef for many years and his personal passion for fitness.

Dawn Westerman


The ability to source the best ingredients and match them to the individual needs of clients - within a cost effective price structure - is largely thanks to the 14 years management expertise of Dawn.

Proud Sponsor

After enjoying a close working relationship – preparing delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for the players – LD Nutrition has become the proud stadium sponsors of Featherstone Rovers.

Proud Sponsors of Featherstone Rovers

We are delighted to have a long association with this well-respected team, culminating in the newly named LD Nutrition Stadium.

Meals Prepared For Players

LD Nutrition is responsible for ensuring that players have the most balanced, nutritionally sound meals possible, to underpin peak fitness for this high energy sport.

Long Lasting Partnership

LD Nutrition will continue to provide a service and support to Featherstone Rovers to ensure the club goes from strength-to-strength. We are happy to form supply partnerships with other sports clubs too, to help keep their teams at optimum fitness.

Our Objective

The main objective of LD Nutrition’s Service is to provide ​fresh, top quality food at an affordable price.
LD Nutrition are local to their customers and can advise each of them personally on any dietary requirements, and tailor their meal prep directly to their needs.