Leave the hard work to us, no more weighing, measuring or worrying about what to eat. We do all that for you, Each meal is individually tailored to the customers personal specification or set diet plans.

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Nutrition Information

Carbohydrates Sources


Macros Calories Protein
30g 160kcal 5g
40g 213kcal 6.6g
50g 266kcal 8.3g
60g 320kcal 9.9g

White Rice

Macros Calories Protein
30g 134kcal 2g
40g 178kcal 2.7g
50g 223kcal 3.4g
60g 268kcal 4.1g


Macros Calories Protein
30g 144kcal 3g
40g 192kcal 4g
50g 240kcal 5g
60g 288kcal 6g

Brown Rice

Macros Calories Protein
30g 90kcal 2g
40g 120kcal 2.7g
50g 150kcal 3.4g
60g 180kcal 4.1g

Protein Sources


Macros Calories Fat
30g 165kcal 3.6g
40g 220kcal 4.8g
50g 275kcal 6g
60g 330kcal 7.2g


Macros Calories Fat
30g 236kcal 10g
40g 314kcal 13.3g
50g 393kcal 16.6g
60g 472kcal 20g

Turkey Mince

Macros Calories Fat
30g 221kcal 2g
40g 294kcal 2.6g
50g 368kcal 3.3g
60g 442kcal 4g


Macros Calories Fat
30g 218kcal 10g
40g 290kcal 13.3g
50g 363kcal 16.6g
60g 436kcal 20g

White Fish

Macros Calories Fat
30g 101kcal 0.4g
40g 134kcal 0.53g
50g 168kcal 0.66g
60g 202kcal 0.8g

Beef Mince

Macros Calories Fat
30g 255kcal 8.1g
40g 340kcal 10.8g
50g 425kcal 13.5g
60g 510kcal 16.2g